Garage pro repairing chain

Is Your Garage Not Working? 5 Possible Diagnoses From the Garage Pros

Is your garage door giving you trouble? Are you finding that it’s harder and harder to get it to open, or that it’s not staying open like it used to? You may need garage door repair. Here at American Pro Garage Doors, we want to help you get your garage door back up and running like new. We offer full replacement services, simple wear and tear repairs, emergency repair service with a satisfaction guarantee, and more to residents of Raleigh and Cary. Reach out to the garage pros today!

Repairing garage door spring

Worn-Out Springs

Over time, your garage door springs will naturally wear out. This can cause your door to become heavier, making it harder to open and close. If you notice that your door is starting to sag or seems unusually heavy, worn-out springs may be the culprit.

Repairing garage door tracks

Misaligned Track

If your garage door track is even slightly misaligned, it can cause big problems. A misaligned track can cause your door to get stuck, making it difficult or impossible to open and close. It can also cause damage to your door panels. If you notice that your garage door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, check the tracks for alignment.

Garage door cables

Faulty Cables

Your garage door cables are responsible for supporting the weight of your door as it opens and closes. Over time, they can become frayed or even snap completely. If your cables are showing signs of wear and tear, or if it suddenly becomes very difficult to open or close, faulty cables may be the problem.

garage door opener cords

Broken or Loose Cords/Wires

Your garage door opener is operated by a system of cords and wires. If any of these become loose or disconnected, it can cause your door to malfunction. Check the cords and wires leading to your garage door opener to make sure they’re all intact.

worn out garage door

Broken or Chipped Areas

If any parts of your garage door are broken or chipped, it can affect the overall function of your door. Even a small chip in the paneling can cause your door to get stuck or fall off track. If you notice any damage to your garage door, have it repaired as soon as possible.

If your garage door isn’t working like it used to, one of these five diagnoses may be the problem. At American Pro Garage Doors, we can help you get to the bottom of the issue and find a garage door repair solution that works for you. Reach out to our garage pros today to get started!