4 Common Garage Door Problems and Repairs

As much as we all wish to go about our days without a hitch, something invariably gets in our way. For instance, coming home from work, you may have an issue with your garage door. This can easily happen with all of the moving parts that go into the functions of these massive pieces of machinery. It’s easy to take your garage door for granted and it’s often only when the door doesn’t seamlessly open or close on command that you take notice of the complexity at play. At American Pro Garage Doors  in Cary, NC, and in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN,  we work to provide our residents with expert garage door services including advice and repairs. Below we have detailed four of the most common garage door problems you may find yourself dealing with. Continue reading to learn how to address these issues and contact us to help you along the way!

Door Won’t Completely Shut

Though all doors have their own quirks and no two garage doors are identical, many run into the common issue of getting stuck. Whether they only open up part way or they go halfway down before ever completely closing, these garage doors are all creating the same level of frustration. These malfunctioning issues can be traced back to numerous different sources.

Crooked track alignment is one of the main reasons garage doors fail to cooperate. When you command your garage door with an automatic opener, cables will maneuver the door as strings control the door’s speed. Meanwhile, the door is kept in line by metal tracks. If your garage door is crooked and has fallen off the tracks, then it could be binding on the tracks, not allowing them to move smoothly. This can create a lot of friction and that friction can cause the door to stop moving up or down.

Keep an eye on the tracks as you open or close the door from inside your garage. Watching and listening to the tracks will give you an idea of whether this is the cause of your problems or not. Any bends, gaps, or jams that are causing misalignment will need to be addressed.At American Pro Garage Doors in North Carolina and Tennessee, we can help you with 24-hour garage door repairs. Whether this issue pops up at the start of the day or while coming home in the dark, our team will be there for you.

Faulty Torsion Springs

The torsion spring propels the garage door up and brings it back down. These long springs generate the force necessary to make a garage door operational. Once the springs break, you could find your car stuck in the garage unable to make any commutes.

There are a few indicators that your spring has snapped. Compared to your garage door easily opening and closing, a busted spring can cause the door to jerk as it rises and falls. Additionally, rather than seamlessly riding along its tracks, a broken spring may impact the door’s capacity to follow the tracks. This can make it move crookedly or completely stop its progress. Likewise, if your door won’t open at all, then this is another major sign that you possibly need to replace an old or broken torsion spring. You won’t want to treat the springs yourself, as they are under substantial tension and can fly apart creating a serious hazard for amateur repairmen. Hire professional garage door repair services who are near you in North Carolina and Tennessee to easily attend to your torsion spring issues. We can find you the proper spring replacement and get your door back running with haste.

Pulley Cable Comes Loose

In the same way that torsion springs get stretched out and become ineffective over time due to looseness, pulley cables also get worn down the more they are used. In particular, pulley cables can start to worm as they become frayed. This can lead to the cable completely falling off the pulley making it so the garage door won’t operate properly. When this happens, frustration can start to mount. A garage door that fails to complete basic commands can ruin your day, so you will need to stay ahead of the issue. You can become aware of any pulley problems by listening to your door as it opens and closes. Excessive rattling can tip you off any issues that are developing. If you need garage door repairs, our team at American Pro Garage Doors can provide a helping hand. When it comes to cables, you will want both sides of the system replaced because they tend to experience wear and tear evenly. Our team can complete this task, whether you need assistance with your home garage or your business’s garage. With residential and commercial services, we have North Carolina and Tennessee covered.

Motor Runs Without Door Moving

When you command your door to open, you may find that the motor will run while your door sits still. This may be the result of having limits out of sync. In this situation, the door can and will move as desired, but the motor keeps running while the door has already stopped. This is a simple fix, just adjust the limits on your motor to instruct it on when to stop.

However, if your door is not moving at all, then your garage door may be disconnected from the belt. A much larger issue than having your limits out of sync, a disconnected door can create a number of issues, such as limited access to your vehicles and being forced to leave your car outside in undesirable weather.

A disconnected belt is often the result of unintentionally pulling the emergency release cord. Because not every garage has the same installation system, there are specific directions for reattaching the belt depending on your build. Hiring expert garage door repairmen like those at American Pro Garage Doors can make this problem easy to navigate. Our team will ensure that the belt is connected and properly positioned, regardless of your garage system. Providing 24-hour garage door repairs in North Carolina and Tennessee, we have seen our fair share of garage issues, so we are sure we can handle yours.

For any of these problems, our team at American Pro Garage Doors in Cary, NC is here to help! From garage door repairs to installing a reliable door opener, we have quick and easy solutions to a bundle of issues you may be dealing with. Whether you are in Cary, NC, or in Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN, we will care for you so you can easily commute around town. Life feels stuck when your garage is prohibiting you from driving. Learn more about how our 24-hour services can get you up and moving again by contacting the American Pro Garage Doors team today!