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Once we have helped you decide what door suits your home, we will put the works in motion. If the desired door is in stock we will make sure to have it up and running within a week. Our team will come and diligently make your garage look its best, guaranteeing your satisfaction. 

We enjoy every step of the process and are happy to share the details of our work giving you some insight into our creation.

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A garage door consists of many moving parts, which need to work together precisely to guarantee that your doors are opening safely and reliably. All of our products are brand new and were designed and produced in the United States to ensure American quality.

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American Pro provided excellent service on my garage door repair. The technician was prompt, knowledgable, thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would not hesitate to call on them again.

Cindy Wiley-Parotti
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We have collected some frequently asked questions, and we hope that these will be beneficial for you.
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  • What size garage door rollers do I need?
    Garage door rollers are the little wheels on the side of your door “driving” the door up and down while it opens and closes. Maintaining your rollers is important for the optimal movement of your garage door. There are different kinds of material and sizes for rollers, and the most common size is a 2″ rollers by a 4″ stem. The stem is set by the need of the door set-up. Some doors need a longer stem. The stem can be 7″, 10″, or even longer. The materials for the rollers can be plastic, steel, and nylon. Usually, when you buy a new door or a new house, the manufacturer will provide the basic plastic rollers which are the lowest grade. They should be replaced after 2 years of operation as they tend to wear out faster than higher grade rollers. The better the rollers are, the quieter your door will be, and the smoother it will operate. We carry high-grade rollers as a standard.
  • Is garage door covered by homeowners warranty company?
    Garage doors are usually not covered under your homeowner’s warranty company. However, the opener is usaually covered by most warranty companies (included with your home appliances). If you have a homeowner warranty you should check if the garage door opener is listed in your policy. If it is listed, you can call your warranty company and they will send a garage door company that works with them. The warranty company may or may not cover all your garage door opener repair/replace depending on your policy and the cause for the damage.
  • How do you lubricate a garage door opener belt?
    In order to lubricate a garage door opener’s belt, you need to use the appropriate lubricant that will not ruin the belt. We recommend using lithium or silicone-based spray and go over the whole belt, rail, and trolley every 4-6 months. If you want to lubricate the opener sprocket you should use white grease.
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