Liftmaster 84505R

Liftmaster 84505R


The Liftmaster 84505R Secure View™ Ultra-Quiet Belt Drive Smart Opener is a cutting-edge garage door opener that combines advanced technology, enhanced security, and ultra-quiet operation. With integrated camera features, smart home compatibility, and robust construction, this model is perfect for anyone upgrading their garage door system. Below, we delve into the key features, specifications, included accessories, warranty, and installation details of the Liftmaster 84505R.


Liftmaster 84505R Key Features and Advantages

Integrated Camera and 2-Way Audio Communication:
The 84505R has a built-in HD camera that delivers 1080p video with night vision and glare resistance. This camera automatically adjusts to varying light levels, ensuring clear visibility. It also supports live streaming and video storage options, enabling you to monitor your garage in real time and review recorded footage. With 2-way audio, you can communicate directly from your smartphone to the garage, enhancing security and convenience.

myQ App Connectivity:
Control, secure, and monitor your garage from anywhere using the myQ app. This app provides real-time alerts, access notifications, and the ability to open or close your garage door remotely. It also features myQ Diagnostics, offering health reports and alerts for any issues, and connecting you with professional services as needed.

Ultra-Quiet Operation:
Equipped with a powerful DC motor and a strong belt drive system, the 84505R operates almost silently. This makes it ideal for homes with living spaces adjacent to the garage, ensuring minimal noise disruption.

Enhanced Lighting:
The integrated LED lighting system provides 1500 lumens of brightness, illuminating high-traffic areas of your garage. This feature enhances safety and convenience, ensuring you can easily see and navigate your garage space.

Amazon Key Compatibility:
The 84505R works seamlessly with Amazon Key, allowing for secure in-garage delivery of packages and groceries. You can watch deliveries in real time through the myQ app, ensuring your items are safely received.

Security Features:
This model offers advanced security measures, including electronically protected forced opening prevention, secure code transmission for each click, and safety sensors that stop the door from closing on obstructions, protecting people and vehicles.



    • Lighting: 1500 Lumens Integrated LED Lighting System
    • Drive Type: Belt
    • Motor Type: DC
    • Battery Backup: No
    • Smartphone Control: Yes
    • Soft Start/Stop: Yes
    • Code Type Compatibility: Security+ 2.0
    • myQ Compatibility: Yes
    • myQ Diagnostics: Yes
    • GDO Learn Button Color Compatibility: Yellow


Included Accessories

The Liftmaster 84505R comes with essential accessories to ensure optimal functionality and ease of use:

      • Remote Controls: For convenient garage access.
      • Safety Sensors: To prevent the garage door from closing on people or objects.
      • Integrated LED Lighting System: Enhances visibility within the garage.



Liftmaster stands by the quality and durability of the 84505R, offering comprehensive warranty coverage:

      • Accessory Warranty: 1 Year
      • Belt Warranty: Lifetime
      • Motor Warranty: Lifetime
      • Parts Warranty: 1 Year


Garage Door Opener Installation

Installing your Liftmaster 84505R can be a seamless process with professional help. Our team of experts is available to assist with the installation, ensuring your new garage door opener functions perfectly and meets all your needs. For more information or to schedule an installation, please visit our contact page.

Experience the ultimate in convenience, security, and peace of mind with the Liftmaster 84505R. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or install a new garage door opener, the 84505R is designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

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